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Student feedback is an important component to teaching. Here is a sampling of feedback form comments from past students.

Recent Feedback

“Steve was so responsive to my particular needs. He tailored this class and made it incredibly worthwhile. A fine teacher!”
“Steve is a gifted instructor who knows how to present Adobe Photoshop Advanced techniques in an easy-to-understand manner. Thank you Steve!.”
“Steve is an incredible teacher. There’s not a thing he doesn’t know about Photoshop. He’s very patient, professional, and interested in making sure his students are really learning.”
I definitely have a better understanding of layers and channels.
Kristina G., Springhouse Corp.

Photoshop Training Feedback

Many elements to learn and take in, but hands on training is key. Cannot wait to take what I learned and practice and use in materials. Having one-on-one training helped me learn at my own speed.
Falecia R., NAIK Group
Thank you! Loved the class. Learned so much!
The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and genuinely interested in what participants were getting from the class.
This class opened my eyes to things I didn’t even know Photoshop could do.
Rachel F., Graphic Designer
I came away with a lot of essential knowledge I wasn’t able to teach myself. Great course!
Mary N., Polygel
Great beginners course – using relevant picture samples helped to better grasp the concepts.
Katee G., Marotta
This workshop was a perfect fit for my photo needs. Steve exceeded my expectations. I look forward to the Advanced class.
I have received a great foundation to get started on creating quality work. Thank you!
Linda Z., Johnstone NJ
I had specific questions that were answered thoroughly. I have a lot of ideas to use with my art students.
Colleen M., Teacher
This training helped me correct some old bad habits & will make my workflow more efficient.
Tom D., Rabweb
Very informative – Learned a Lot.
What I learned in this course will save me hours of work! I now know how to better communicate my ideas visually.
These are intensive training sessions and will definitely aid me in any Photoshop project I have.
This training will help me to provide a product that my customers continuously ask for.
Susan L., DeVry Medical
This training will help me to provide a product that my customers continuously ask for.
Susan L., DeVry Medical
Class was awesome…I never thought I could learn so much in 2 days…I am really impressed and very anxious to use all the techniques you showed me…thank you.
Steve kept us engaged throughout the entire class and his real-life experience and technical knowledge are outstanding.
Bravo! Very pleased with the knowledge and training.
Steve’s knowledge of the product, as well as his expertise as a photographer, was exactly what I was looking for in an instructor. He answered questions accurately, and completely. Professional, helpful.
There’s no way I could have learned all this by myself. Great job Steve, maybe I can take another session whenever I come again from France in order to increase my knowledge!
The combination of your clear explanations of visual principles and the continuous hands-on practice was extremely effective. I feel as if a door has opened and I finally see how the different tools of Photoshop work together. I’ve already started putting what I learned into practice, and look forward to being able to create new designs.
The class was very informative and hands-on. The fact that it was small allowed questions and answers immediately which is of tremendous benefit. I have already used some of the things that I learned in the class to speed up my work and achieve more accuracy. Thank you.
I went into this class knowing a miniscule amount of what I came out learning. This will definitely benefit my work performance and gave me a stronger background in art.
Thanks for your professionalism and patience.
I feel more confident that I am using the right tool for the right job. I really enjoyed the classes and looked forward to them. I have already used many of the ideas you taught in class and it has saved me a lot of time and aggravation!
My use of Photoshop was minimal. I am confident that I will be better prepared to handle my assigned tasks in the future.
Ruth C., Accutest
Thank you for taking the time to tailor the course to my needs and expectations.
Gabrielle D.
Excellent class
Jean J.
Will make me less dependent on help from outside design firms.
Debra C.
I’m much more familiar with working with layers and manipulating images for my company website & communications.
Chrys H., Jefferies LLC
This class will change my job and make everything simple, quick, and professional looking.
Amy S., Miele USA
I feel as if every question I had of Photoshop was answered. Very satisfied.
I now feel that I have a good understanding of the tools, and it will greatly assist me in my daily projects.
James D., DeVry Medical
This course is going to save me so much time at work!
Exceptional course and presenter!
Absolutely Outstanding!
Steve was kind, patient, and very knowledgeable. He was an excellent teacher.
Steve was great. He was able to understand our skill levels and teach at an appropriate pace. He was well versed in the program and was able to handle any troubleshooting issues with ease. He used real-world examples to explain how to or not to do certain tasks and what can happen as a result of them.
I liked the fact that you geared the class specifically for our use. I think that was a great idea to ask people what they are interested in learning. That way I did not have to use the time relearning things I already knew or would not find useful later.
I think you have a very professional approach; the lessons are well sequenced and organized. You have a delicate way of correcting without making the novice user feel inadequate about his/her skills, or lack thereof.
These sessions were presented in a clear and easily understandable format that enabled me to grasp the concepts quickly. Workflow techniques I learned are enabling me to enhance my images with more efficiency and clearer results.
You were great. Not too slow, not too fast. I learned a lot and was exposed to things that I understand enough to ask questions about and learn how to do.
My company recently purchased Photoshop software to aid in our development of brochures, inserts, etc. Since I hadn’t really worked with this program before, my skills were pretty basic and the class was structured accordingly. Although the training was only 2 days, I was able to successfully use what I learned in my work. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for help in Photoshop.
The training exceeded my expectations. Many tools and techniques were covered that I had no idea were available in Photoshop. I feel I can now return to my work much better equipped to achieve, in the final image, what I visualized when I originally captured it.
Steve P., Sonicraft, Inc.
Coming out of the class, I know I still have much to learn, but the class gave me the resources I need to get started and find answers when I get stuck. Bottom line, the class was worth the investment of time and money. I never expected to be able to put together (however clumsily!) a website. I would recommend it to others.
Great class that will be very useful in my work setting. Complements other Adobe classes very nicely.
Wonderful, informative course.
Glad to learn how to retouch, resize & combine images. Recoloring images of product will help me with my job.
Petro S., D+M Group
Both professionally and personally this class will help me adjust photos to use in different projects.
Kim L., Novartis
Excellent examples and good use of time. I feel so much more comfortable now using Photoshop.
Jeanine D., Agrofresh
The Photoshop training was excellent. I will definitely use this more at work.
Very beneficial. I feel like I have a much better understanding of all the program offers.
Rebecca H., DeVry Medical
This course completely changed the way I will do my workflow and photo enhancements.
Great instructor! Very knowledgeable, and answered every question I had. I enjoyed his real world stories. He has an amazing amount of experience.
Anonymous, US Army
Steve knows the material and can relate from personal experiences.
It was really one of the best courses I’ve ever taken to learn software. I was happy to get an understanding of everything in Photoshop instead of just tutorials like others provide. Understanding color theory, etc…really helped me understand how to use the tools in Photoshop.
He was excellent. Steve did a good job of balancing student needs and answering questions while covering the material.
D. M., IT Manager
I think your approach was very helpful. Your knowledge of the program was extraordinary. You went through each step, and gave us suggestions on how we might be able to do it differently. You made sure we were all on the same page. Again, having us bring in and work on what we actually use everyday was extremely helpful.
The class was great. I was able to identify the features I needed to study as well as learn more about the features I currently use.
The hands-on approach that was incorporated in this training allowed me, as a new Photoshop user, to experiment and make mistakes with an established expert there to lend guidance. I always feel that a trial-and-error approach accompanied by coaching or teaching usually translates into a greater amount of retention.
Your approach to teaching this software is very effective. We really enjoyed it and have used it for personal and professional purposes.
As a training coordinator I sometimes have to look beyond the larger companies and find the best person for the job. I found your approach to be a hands-on need to know learning solution that exceeded my expectations in every way.
Dan N., Cigna

Photography Workshop Feedback

My background with photography was nill when I began, but I am very confident I can take great photos. I am very happy and satisfied to have taken this course.
J. P., US Army
Thank you! You expanded my toolbox and I plan on using everything I learned from the class. You make a great teacher and are easily approachable.
Excellent, we covered nearly everything I wanted. Very much the expert and always available and willing to assist/share/etc. Good job balancing a variety of skill levels, and thanks for being patient with simple questions.
I learned a lot and really enjoyed the workshop. Steve is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. Thanks!
Thank you. We grew together as a group – all from very different places – and shared & learned both from you and each other.
Steve was great – very patient, often having to repeat information. There was so much material covered – I feel like I learned a ton of new stuff!!
Great class! Thanks so much!
Wonderful teacher & person. Fantastic knowledge of subject! Very supportive and helpful. Thanks for everything – it’s been great.
Very informative, Steve was a great instructor.
Great for beginner photographers. Steve answered all questions and ensured everyone got one to one time. He explained the basics in layman’s terms so we all understood. Now I can hone in on what didn’t go so well today and improve on my own.
Great workshop. I really felt I had learned something in this short time and felt more confident about using and experimenting with my camera. Not just using auto settings.
Steve is fabulous ! He answered all questions and even autographed his book for me.
Exactly what I needed, great and patient instructor. Thank you for all your patient help. We accomplished a lot in a week. I look forward to reading and using your book.
Thanks for a very helpful week advancing my knowledge.
Thanks for a Fabulous week.
A great teacher. Thank you!! I hope I’ll have the opportunity to take another class with you sometime.
Great instructor. I appreciate his “no nonsense” approach & willingness to answer & (re)answer questions. Thank goodness real teachers still exist!
Thank you for all your help and patience.
Thumbs way up!! This was a great beginner class and I look forward to using everything I learned!!! Highly recommend this class!
Workshop was great…learned some new tips that I will certainly use!
I hope to take additional workshops with this instructor. Steve Weinrebe was amazing! He was extremely patient and willing to answer all questions as well as being very encouraging to us as we learned the various aspects of taking pictures.
You have a wonderful demeanor. Very Patient.
Great job Steve! Thanks so much!
He’s awesome!
My work will be closer to the industry standard of professional quality.
E. K., US Army
Outstanding job. It was just what I was looking for. Thank you.
I enjoyed the class very much. You are an excellent instructor.
A very enthusiastic thumbs up!!! Steve clearly explained the workings of a camera in a way that appealed to photography beginners. I would recommend this workshop without any hesitation!
It was a great beginners class. The instructor was extremely thorough and provided personal guidance to ensure we were comfortable using our cameras. We had the extra bonus of a beautiful fall day to practice our new skills.
Had a great time and got some good and clean instructions on the Basics of Photography.

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